Friday's Letters.

Dear Friday...I am very happy that you are here. It is the last weekend before the bar, and I am actually relieved to say that I am excited to take the test. Dear Nordstrom Anniversary officially marks my favorite day of the summer. Seriously, it is like Christmas in July. I have shopped the sale for as long as I can possibly remember, and wish I were actually going into the store today rather than shopping online. Alas, I guess that is the impact the bar will have. So, shopping must be done from afar today. Dear Petite Soeur...I am excited you are out of the hospital and feeling much better. I anxiously await your return home and seeing your smiling face next week. Dear midnight gluten free brownie baking spree...what tasty sustenance you provided for me while I memorized outline after outline and typed essay after essay. Dear Bar better get ready because I am coming to conquer! My dearest Bentley...oh how I am grateful for your company while I study. Even when you are exhausted and can't stay awake, you are forever by my side.

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  1. can't explain my excitement for the anniversary sale!!!

    come say hi at

    have a great Friday!

  2. Awh... I found you on the link up!!! (: Cute dog!!! My hubby and I just got our first puppy (: Good luck at the bar exam!!! wow!!!

    -Monica (:

  3. We may or may not be related.
    I LOVE the anniversary sale too- Christmas for sure!!!

  4. What a cute picture of your dog! Mine always sits up and looks at me when I try to take pictures of him sleeping. Good luck with the bar exam!!

  5. When a girl feels like baking theres no stopping her! You go girl! Have a fab weekend x